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Exceptional educational programmes in the UK for international students

College Select Programmes

We offer a wide range of programmes from a 4-week taster to give a flavour of what it is like to study in the UK, to full courses over 1-2 years, which provide students with the qualifications they need to access top UK and international universities. Our programmes are designed to be flexible to meet the needs of individual students, whatever age and stage they are at.



in the UK!

Programme options

Educational programmes that meet the needs of each individual student

College Select programmes are tailor-made to  meet the needs of each student. Our dedicated and experienced team of  educational advisors have selected the best institutions and the highest quality educational programmes. They are here to advise you which options are best for each student; we aim to ensure that every student gets the most they can out of their time in the UK. 

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A complete education

Students can undertake A-levels, an International Baccalaureate or vocational qualifications in the UK. Courses can last from 4 weeks to 2 years, and can qualify students for university entry in the UK and around the World.
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Academic programmes

Programmes run from a single school term to an academic year. Academic year programmes start in September. Part year (term or semester) programmes start in September and January. Students can study either A-levels or vocational courses. With a wide range of subjects to choose from, we can tailor an academic programme to suit each student’s needs.  learn more

Short term programmes

Short-term College Select programmes last between 4 and 12 weeks and allow students to experience college life in the UK without committing to a full year. Short-term programmes have flexible start dates to meet the needs of each individual student.   learn more

Select or value programme

Students on our College Select programme decide which college they want to attend, for how long, and what they want to study. Students who want to experience college life in the UK and don’t have any particular requests can choose our value programme, which  includes all the same services as our College Select programme, but we choose the college.    learn more

Boarding School programme

Our boarding school programme is designed to help busy families who are based abroad to find the best possible boarding school for their child in the UK. Choosing the right boarding school is about finding a boarding school that offers the right atmosphere for your child. The boarding school will become a second home and family for your child. Let us help you make the right choice. Our Guardianship service will ensure that your child is cared for throughout the programme, arranging everything from airport transfers to weekend accommodation. 

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Accommodation Choice

A home away from home

The UK has been the destination of choice for international students for many years – culture, language, and a high quality educational system are just a few of the reasons for this. We offer a range of accommodation types so that the individual needs of each student can be met. 

Host family or halls-of-residence?

Students can choose whether they would like a homely, family setting or complete independence in a halls-of-residence. Whatever choice is made we have a network of experienced support staff on hand to help each student settle into their new home.  
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A warm welcome

Whether students choose to live with a host family or in halls, they’ll find themselves met with a warm welcome.
Our support team carefully matches students with families and works closely students, college staff and host families to ensure that each student feels happy, welcome and supported for the duration of their stay. Each student has a local support coordinator who is in touch with them regularly.
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Safety and security

Student safety and security are our first priority. Host families are carefully screened by experienced staff, and are also subject to criminal records checks. Students in halls are supervised and have access to staff 24/7 in case they need assistance. All students have a local coordinator to assist with everyday issues as well as access to our emergency number which is manned by our team 24/7. Our student ambassador is also available if students want to talk to someone not so close to home.    learn more

Building long-lasting relationships

Students often form close relationships with their host families, room-mates (in halls), classmates and other international students. Studying in the UK is a great opportunity to build up an international network and build relationships and friendships that last a lifetime.   learn more




Our Colleges

The right college for each individual student, whatever their needs.

We’ve selected the best colleges from around the UK. All our colleges offer a wide range of courses, taught by passionate and skilled teachers in modern, well equipped facilities. Learn more about college life in Great Britain.

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Subject guarantee

When students are enrolled in the programme they receive a firm offer from their selected college, detailing which courses they will study. Whether it’s vocational or academic subjects we have something for everyone.   learn more

Sports and activities

It’s important that students are active outside the classroom as well as in lessons, and all our colleges offer a wide range of extra-curricular activities and sports, which are a great way to meet people, have fun and make local friends.  learn more

With you all the way

Our staff is here to support students all the way through the programme. Our educational advisors will help pick the right college for each student, and all students are supported throughout the programme by college pastoral staff as well as our support team.
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