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College Select programmes

Educational programmes in the UK. 

Our partners have access to  a wide range of exceptional College Select prorammes catering for a wide range of students. The students who take part in our programmes apply through local organisations that have partner agreements with InterStudies (all programmes are sold by InterStudies).

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Industry experts

Our management team is highly experienced within the world of education, and between us we have over 30 years working in the student exchange industry. The educational system in the UK can be confusing and we are here to advise you on appropriate programmes for each of your applicants. We use our experience and knowledge to provide the very best learning experiences for international students, helping and supporting them towards fulfilling their greatest potential and setting them on course to achieve their personal life goals.  

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Partner services

As our partner, you will be responsible for contact with the natural parents of the students. We pride ourselves on offering fast and responsive services to our partners; proactively keeping you informed throughout the programme. We know that you rely on fast and accurate communication and information so you can support the parents of our students. Our support team work closely with the pastoral staff at out colleges. If your students experience any issues then we find out about them quickly. As well as offering appropriate support to our students, we ensure that you are kept updated so that you can keep parents informed. We offer high level support to our partners. Put us to the test, and send us an enquiry using the form below.

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School reports

We know that parents have invested a lot of money in their child’s education when they send them to the UK. All students receive a school transcript at the end of the programme. Students on academic programmes will also receive school reports throughout the programme – typically once per school term. We make sure that you receive these reports, so that you can pass them on to parents.  

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With you all the way

We are with you – and your students – all the way through the programme. You are welcome to contact us at any point in the programme, and we will support you to ensure that your students, and their families at home, have the best experience possible of studying in the UK

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