Life in the UK

Studying is an important part of your programme – but there is much more to life in the UK!

At SelectStudies you are are charge of your programme, our mission is to help find the perfect college to make your dreams come true!

Whether you want to study in a city or by the beach we have the perfect college place for you. If you want to continue doing your sport, or want to try something new, we will make sure you have the opportunities you are dreaming of. 


Find the perfect location


Host Family or Halls?

Free time

There are plenty of opportunities

A great start!

Our Orientation camp in London is a great way to start your programme! Join SelectStudies leaders for X days of workshops and sightseeing in the iconic capital!

We’ll answer all your questions about life in the UK and give you tools to help you settle in and get the most out of your experience –  and we’ll make sure you see all the most important sighs in the amazing city of London!

Orientation Camp in London

Where do you want to go?

Historic & culture

Immerse yourself in British history and culture in these centres of educational excellence

By the beach

Attractive colleges on the South Coast - combining great education with attractive surroundings

Modern cities

With a wealth of cultural opportunities

At SelectStudies we work with colleges all across the UK, from the attractive city of Edinburgh in Scotland to the South Coast. Our aim is to find the perfect college for you – whether you want to live in a certain area, need to study specific subjects, or have another request.

Your school day

Your new school day might be similar to your home country – or it might be very different!

In the morning you’ll get up, have a shower and breakfast, and head off to college for morning registration and lessons. If your host family lives close to college then you may be able to walk or cycle – otherwise you will use public transport.

College in the UK starts around 9am. Classes last between 45 minutes and 1 hour. You’ll usually have a short break mid-morning and lunch around 12:30. You can eat lunch in the college cafeteria, or head into town with friends to buy lunch. After lunch you’ll have 2 or 3 more lessons before classes finish for the afternoon. You may also have some free periods without timetables lessons, where you can socialise, or catch up on your homework!

You can see an example of what your timetable might look like on the right!

After school you’ll be able to join a range of sports or extra-curricular activities, hang out with friends, or do homework before heading home to your host family for dinner. You should expect to do 2-4 hours of homework each day.

You’ll have free time in the evenings and at weekends to hang out with your friends, explore the local area and spend time with your family.

Your accommodation options

Live as part of a British family, sharing everyday life with your host family and learning about the local culture, or live with your friends in halls? The choice is yours.

Staying with a family is a great way to practice your English and experience life in the UK within the safety of a warm and caring family environment. You’ll join in family life (including pitching in to help out with chores), and build up a close relationship throughout your time in the UK. We recommend host family programmes for younger students.

Living in halls allows you a little more freedom and is a great solution for older students who want more independence – but in a safe and caring environment. You’ll live alongside other international as well as local students, giving you a great opportunity to make friends ad have fun! Our halls-of residence are supervised for students aged under 18, and provide a safe and caring environment.

Read more about both options

Live as part of one of our welcoming Host families or with your friends in halls-of-residence? It's your choice.

What do you want to study?


The traditional qualification if you are aged 16-18 and the best option for many of our students

Vocational Courses

If you want to turn a more practical passion into a career then the vocational option is perfect!

The IB

A newer qualification that is gaining increasing recognition in the UK and abroad!