A levels

Our colleges offer over 50 A-level subjects, which you can combine as you wish to create an academic programme that fits your interest and your ambitions.

At SelectStudies you can join A-level courses for anything from a few months to two years, whether you want to experience living anf studying in the UK for a short period or gain complete qualifications that will allow you to apply to university in the UK or the rest of the world!

State College

Our state colleges are a great place to study A-levels. State-of the-art facilities and great teaching in a wide range of locations.

Private College

Small class sizes and exclusive locations. The private sector in the UK is world-renowned for high quality.

Boarding School

Boarding schools provide a unique opportunity for students to live alongside their classmates and study in exclusive surroundings

Choose your subjects

If you complete A-level qualifications you will usually study three subjects.

For shorter programmes you will usually study three subjects. At SelectStudies you can choose your subjects, so it is up to you if you want to study related subjects – such as maths, physics and chemistry, or to study a range of unrelated subjects.  

Entrance to A Level subjects usually requires the equivalent of 5 GCSE’s at grades A*-C, as well as a high level of written & spoken English.

Here is a selection of the subjects commonly available at our colleges

  • Art
  • Art & Design
  • Design & Tech
  • Fine Art
  • Dance
  • Dance & Theatre Studies
  • Film Studies
  • Graphic Communication
  • Media Studies
  • Music
  • Music Technology
  • Photography
  • Textiles
  • Business Studies
  • Accounting
  • Economics
  • Law
  • Classical Civilisation
  • Environmental Science
  • Geography
  • Geology
  • Govt & Politics
  • History
  • History of Art
  • Philosophy
  • Computer Science
  • Electronics
  • English Language
  • English Literature
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Mandarin
  • Spanish
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Medical Science
  • Maths
  • Core Maths
  • Further Maths
  • Physics
  • Statistics

Science subjects are taught in well equipped labs with state-of-the-art equipment.

All of our colleges boast the latest IT equipment, designed to enhance your learning.

A wide range of sports and extracurricular activities help you to stay active and meet new friends among local as well as other international students.

State College

At SelectStudies we offer A-level programmes at over 20 colleges across the UK. Whether you want to come to the UK for a couple of months to experience college life or wish to study A-levels over 2 years, gaining a complete qualification, our educational advisers will help select the perfect college for you!

There’s much more to life than studying at a college! Our colleges offer a wide range of sports and activities. Whether you want to sail or play chess, we will help find a college offering your chosen activities. If you practice a sport at a high level then we can cater for that as well, with some of our colleges offering a sports academy option, where you can receive coaching in your chosen sport alongside your classes!

When you apply to our state college programme we will ask you to tell us more about your interests and ambitions, so that we can find the best possible college to meet your needs.

Please feel free to contact our educational advisers to discuss your needs before applying!

Over 50 subjects

Our State Colleges offer a massive range of subjects, including both traditional academic subjects and new subjects you may not have the opportunity to study elsewhere

20 locations across the UK

We offer the chance to study at a state college in a wide of locations across the UK, from Edinburgh to the South Coast!

Great value

State colleges provide great value for money - without compromising on quality!

Where do you want to live and study?
With SelectStudies you can choose from a wide range of locations

Live as part of one of our welcoming host families or with your friends in halls-of-residence? It's your choice.

Private College

At SelectStudies we offer A-level programmes at a number of exclusive private colleges in the UK. While these colleges can be more expensive than the state college sector, the high academic level, excellent teaching and small class sizes provides private college students with a fantastic basis for academic success.

Our private colleges have excellent relationships with top universities and are accustomed to preparing students for the highly-selective admissions procedure of top universities as well as the demands of studying at a top university. While studying at a private college does not guarantee you a place at a top university, it is a definite advantage!

There’s more to college life in the UK than studying, just like our state colleges, private colleges offer a wide range of sports and extra-curricular activities, all designed to keep you active and help you to meet local students as well as other international students.

Our private colleges give students the opportunity to study in high-demand locations, including Cambridge and London. Contact us today to learn more about what options are available.      

Small classes

Small class sizes with plenty of individual attention for each student increases the chance of academic success

Exclusive locations

Our Private College programme gives you the opportunity to study in exclusive cities such as Cambridge and London.

Preparing for the future

Students from the private sector often go on to study at top universities. A private sector education in the UK is a great investment in the future!

Our Boarding schools
At SelectStudies we work with a selection of excellent boarding schools, each offering a unique experience as well as an outstanding education.
When selecting a boarding school we look for superb educational quality, a desirable location, a great atmosphere and an extensive range of courses to give you the very best educational experience. All our schools offer an exceptional experience with access to fantastic facilities. Each school is unique and has a different range of academic and extracurricular options on offer. We will help to narrow down the options based on your need and preferences and help you to choose the very best option for you.

Boarding Life
Most boarding schools teach a mixture of international students and local pupils. Boarders live at the school with full-board and accommodation provided in a boarding house. Boarding houses are single sex and rooms are usually shared. Some schools offer single rooms for older students at an additional fee. There is plenty communal space for socialising and relaxing with friends.
Our boarding schools have a strong emphasis on pastoral care and support, with experienced house parents taking responsibility for the students in each boarding house. Most schools also have day pupils, who live with their families and return home each day. This mix helps create a good social atmosphere.

Weekends, exeats and holidays
Schools arrange activities or trips for boarding students who are present at the weekend. Boarding schools close on several weekends throughout the year, known as Exeat weekends, as well as during half term breaks, Christmas and Easter holidays, and during the summer holidays. You can choose to return home or stay with one of our carefully chosen host families in Exeat weekends and school holidays.

Educational excellence

Boarding schools provide high level teaching and small class sizes - a great basis for academic success!

Unique atmosphere

Boarding schools have a special atmosphere - a home away from home for students who study and spend their free time together.

Sports and activities

When you are not studying a great program of activities and sports will ensure that you make the most of your free time and have a great experience.

Accommodation during breaks

At SelectStudies we provide accommodation at carefully selected host families during weekends and breaks when the school is closed.