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You can meet our team, and read about our mission, values and vision here. We are proud of our company and the opportunities we are able to offer international students to study in the UK. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions which are not answered here.



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The Select Studies Team

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Our mission and vision


Select Studies strive to provide the very best UK college learning experiences for international students, helping and supporting them towards fulfilling their greatest potential and setting them on course to achieve their personal life goals.

Core values

Choice: To offer the best courses, colleges and locations to study in the UK
Quality: To provide the very best quality learning experiences and caring home environments for our students
Support: To offer a first class support service to both our partner organisations and students


Select Studies will support our partner organisations with a first class service, ensuring we provide the most relevant information to suit each student’s needs.
We will work with the best colleges in the UK, in the nicest locations and offering a high quality range of courses to give our students the very best college learning experience the UK has to offer.
We will provide our students with a supportive, safe and caring environment both whilst in college and at home, with the sole aim of ensuring that their stay in the UK will be remembered fondly throughout their life.


to make

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High School Programmes in the UK and Ireland

Select Studies’ sister company, InterStudies, offers high quality high school exchange programmes in the UK and Ireland


The UK or Ireland

Both the UK and Ireland are exciting destinations for a high school exchange full of culture and learning. Get in touch with our staff or check out our website to learn more about the opportunities that are waiting in the UK and Ireland. 

A range of programmes

InterStudies offers a range of programmes, catering for students who just want to experience a school term in the UK or Ireland, to those who want to take their A-levels, Highers, or Leaving Certificate.

With you all the way

It’s important to us that all our students feel safe and supported throughout their programme, and our support team are there to care for our students all the way through their programme.

Partner service

Students on both InterStudies and Select Studies programmes apply through our international partners, and our staff take pride in offering excellent service to our international partners, enabling our partners to offer an excellent service in turn to the parents at home. 

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